About me

Rodolfo Baldassarri, nato a Nettuno nel 1966, è giornalista pubblicista, poeta ed appassionato d’arte, tradizioni popolari ed enologia.

Il suo esordio letterario come romanziere è stato con “In riva al mare”, tradotto in lingua tedesca ed inglese a cui ha fatto seguito “Infinito”, ora è il turno di “Come le onde.”

Dal 2000, Baldassarri vive e lavora nel Tirolo austriaco, sia come scrittore che come promoter delle eccellenze culturali e gastronomiche italiane


Nel giugno del 2017 ha vinto il premio Letterario Internazionale “Napoli Cultural Classic XI Edizione di incostieraamalfitana 2017

Il 2017 é anche l'anno dellEvento Internazionale "La Divina Bellezza" in Collaborazione con lo Chef Stellato Ernesto Iaccarino e il Relais Internazionale Don Alfonso 1890 a Sant'Agata sui due Golfi (Costiera Analfitana). Nel 2020 l'idea del Premio Internazionale sempre con la preziosa collaborazione con Ernesto Iaccarino, Don Alfonso d'Oro 2020 Premio Excelsus Award per le Eccellenze Italiane all'estero 

My Story

Rodolfo Baldassarri is a bestsellers italian and german author, motivational coach, who now lives in Kitzbühel-Tirol, Austria...

Rodolfo Baldassarri was born in Nettuno (Rome) on 16 April 1966 and grew up on the seashore of Tor San Lorenzo. In 1996, he went abroad, first to England, Brighton and London, 1998 to Paris to improve the French language, 2001 to Germany, where he attended the University of Halle/Saale with a scholarship, to acquire a deeper knowledge of the German language. For long Time has been the Leading Journalist of the University Magazine: “Eureka”. He worked also like Political Journalist for several main Papers in Italy. After that 2002, he went to Austria, where he now lives, and, after publishing over two hundred articles on politics, culture and current affairs, he also published two books of poetry and a collection of essays.

On the seashore is the first book of the trilogy. Infinity is the second and Like the Waves is the third and already at the top of the list of bestsellers in Italy.

His books were also translated in German.


His books have been praised Sassiccaia (Bolgheri) 2011 Tuscany, Padus Parma (Italy) 2013, Interspar Bestsellers Austria 2014, Napoli Cultural Classic 2017, and others. Tutto libri Magazine said he is “one of the best love-story tellers, the Italian Nicholas Sparks.” Baldassarri’s books have been published and translated in Italian, and German on 2018 also in English. He has also won numerous other awards during what can only be described as a glowing literary career.


Di origini contadine da parte di padre e di artista da parte di madre ho scoperto subito sin da piccolo il fascino delle parole. Come lettore prima e come poeta e scrittore dopo. Un'amore che mi é rimasto impresso nel cuore e da adulto ho iniziato a seguire ed alimentare come si fa con un fuoco che arde. Il mio grande sogno...scrivere la sceneggiatura per un film...


My Mission, My Faith: Nothing is impossible if you believe!


La mia missione consiste nel creare sogni, emozioni. Raccontare storie in grado di scompagginare l'animo dei lettori...come lascia che rompe il ghiaggio delle anime...


I learned to read very soon at the age of 4 years and 8 mounths (I remember this very good, while my mom always said to the other children mothers my Rodolfo he’s a very intelligent he can already read), in the Primina class at the Occhipinti School Tor san Lorenzo (Rome), Italy. It is the most important thing that has ever happened to me. Almost 45 years later I remember clearly how the magic of translating the words in books into images enriched my life, breaking the barriers of time and space. 

Reading changed dreams into life and life into dreams and placed the universe of literature within reach of the boy I once was.

Since that day I never stopped to read, to read good books, and later I tried also to write.

While writing is like dreaming and loving at the same, it is extending the consistence of life and time.

Other like the great Author Mario Vargas Llosa on his Nobel Lecture 2010 in Stockholm said:

“when literature offers us the hope of having what we do not have, being what we are not, acceding to that impossible existence where like pagan gods we feel mortal and eternal at the same time, that introduces into our spirits non-conformity and rebellion, which are behind all the heroic deeds that have contributed to the reduction of violence in human relationships. Reducing violence, not ending it. Because ours will always be, fortunately, an unfinished story. That is why we have to continue dreaming, reading, and writing, the most effective way we have found to alleviate our mortal condition, to defeat the corrosion of time, and to transform the impossible into possibility.


That’s my motto too: Nothing is Impossible!